OSNP Quarterly Newsletter – April 2019

Student Nutrition Ontario – Updates

  • We are looking for a new CDC representative for the Provincial working group for the year of 2019-2020
    • Our last two representatives have come from Lambton and Huron-Perth

Food and Logistics News

  • The 8-week Vegetable and Fruit (V&F) Delivery Program will begin on Monday, March 25th. All communities will take part in this wonderful program
    • We have connected with 3 regional food distributors to help make our V&F Program excel
    • Each week, Tasty Ontario Tuesdays will occur, featuring local produce and information packets for teachers to present to students

Administration Updates

Reminder: OSNP-SW Fiscal Year end is March 31, 2019
  • Grant Renewal will take place between April 1st and May 10th this year
    • Communities will have chance to provide feedback to all renewal requests for each program in their area
  • New application for Student Nutrition Programs (SNPs) will be accepted until May 10th
    • Please note: while we welcome schools to apply, we cannot guarantee their acceptance into OSNP at this time. 
  • Service Contracts have been sent out. Community Partnerships have until April 30th to return all necessary paperwork to OSNP Regional
  • Grant 2 will be distributed through Direct Deposit during April

Upcoming Events

  • March 28th – National Great Big Crunch 
  • Upcoming SNP Conferences
    • Farm to Cafeteria Canada National Conference – May 15-17 – Victoria, BC

Feel Good Story

  • Loyalty One recently provided a grant to OSNP-SW that would allow high schools in each community to purchase and/or upgrade existing refrigerators
    • We were excited to be able to offer this grant to all 8 communities and we had 8 schools purchase refrigerators
  • The federal government has announced its plan to begin conversations with the provinces and territories regarding a national school food program 
Girl(3-5) with mud hands
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