School Food Delivery Program

In 2020.21 the Ontario Student Nutrition Program – Southwest Region (OSNP – SW) rolled out a special, new COVID-19 School Food Delivery Program (SFD) as part of our COVID-19 response. We understood that schools would encounter challenges when attempting to purchase safe, affordable, pre–packaged food and produce items to operate their student nutrition programs (SNP). Schools had the chance to opt-out of receiving OSNP grant funds and instead participate in the OSNP SFD program.

SFD offers weekly deliveries of 3 different fresh produce items, with the opportunity to purchase additional supplementary items at competitive pricing through our distributors online ordering system.

OSNP – SW is now going on its THIRD year of our School Food Delivery Program! Throughout the last year, we have seen great progress which has slowly allowed us to modify our program for the new 2022.2023 school year.

Updates from Last School Year

  • In an effort to decrease the amount of single use plastic, OSNP will no longer individually wrap produce
  • All participating schools will be on one standard menu.

We are very hopeful this shift will have little to no impact on your Student Nutrition Programs.

SFD Phases

Phase One: September to December 2022 (15 weeks)
Phase Two: January to March 2023 (11 weeks)
Phase Three: April to June 2023 (11 weeks)

*Please note: the above timelines could shift with limited to no notice if Public Health guidelines change.


Low prep, pre-washed produce delivered in bulk
ex. a one week menu could include: Clementines, Mini Carrots (bulk), & Apples (Pre-washed)

*Bulk produce will be pre-washed. For example: a case of 110 apples would be pre-washed and sent to your school in bulk case (wholesale)

OSNP-SW SFD Participation 2022/2023

Community# of SFD Sites# of Sites Identified as
high need by the Ministry
Average Daily Participation

Each day, 71,409 students are being reached with the direct delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables!

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