OSNP is starting its 5th round of Tasty Ontario Tuesdays in March 2020! Click on fruit and veggies located on the map below and the names of the farms in the table below to learn more about the farmer who grew it, fun facts about it and so much more! 

Tasty Ontario Tuesday Partners

🍎 Apples Great Lake Farms Port Stanley
🍅 Cherry TomatoesErie James / Sunsation Acres Leamington
🥕 CarrotsCarron Farms Chatham 
🌶️ Bell PeppersHuron Produce Exeter
🥒 Baby CucumbersCornies Farms Kingsville
🍓 StrawberriesHowe Family Farms Alymer 
🌶️ Mini PeppersJC Fresh Farms Kingsville 
AsparagusWrightland Farm Harrow  

*These farmer profiles represents the real story of an Ontario farmer who we source from for OSNP school nutrition programs. However, due to regional and seasonal variations, the farmer profiled may not necessarily be the actual farmer who produces the product being served in your school on any given day.

**Featured Tasty Ontario Tuesday products will be delivered with your regular produce delivery along with a promotional poster for each fruit and veggie to get students excited about this week’s Tasty Ontario feature.


Previous Farmer Profiles & WebpagesPast Tasty Ontario Tuesdays
Barbetta Orchards – Plums
Cornies Farms – Cucumbers Grandma Lambe’s – Pears
Howe Farms – Strawberries
Nature’s Finest – Carrots
Zekveld Garden Market – Broccoli
Highline Farm – Mushrooms
First Round – Oct 17 – Dec 5, 2017. Second Round – March 20 – May 7, 2018. Third Round – Oct 2 – Nov 20, 2018. Firth Round – 

Special thanks to the GreenBelt Fund and Foodland Ontario for their support of this local food initiative. 

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