Great Big Crunch

The 2023 Great Big Crunch is Thursday October 19th!

Step 1

Grab an apple, pear, carrot, cucumber, or other crunch fruit or vegetable

Step 2

Join OSNP Southwest’s Zoom with other schools in our Communities!
Oct 19 at 1pm (link below)

Step 3


Get your students together for a school wide or classroom Crunch on Thursday October 19th to celebrate student nutrition and make a whole lotta noise! Make sure to share your crunch pictures and stories by posting on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram. Be sure to tag @OSNPsouthwest and use #GreatBigCrunch!

We can’t wait to see what you’re up to!

Getting Your Apples:

If your school is participating in the 2023.24 School Food Delivery Program – Phase One, apples will be included in the menu and delivered to your school the week of Oct 16. If your school is part of the Traditional Grant Model and you wish to participate in the GBC, make apples or any other crunchy item your veg/fruit of choice this week! OSNP – SW does not formally supports the Great Big Crunch regionally. If you aren’t participating in the SFD program, we encourage you to connect with your local Community Development Coordinator to learn about local support, if applicable. 

Farm to Desk

Our friends at Produce Express tracked their apples all the way from a local farm to YOUR desk!

Have a Grade 5 Class?

In partnership with the University of Windsor’s teachers college, OSNP has developed Grade 5 lesson plans linking vegetables and fruits to the Ontario curriculum. These lessons are a great way to incorporate the GBC into classroom learning!

Check them out:

To understand more about where your food comes from, to celebrate healthy eating, the fall harvest and learn more about the farmers and producers that put food on our tables, visit Foodland Ontario.

National Great Big Crunch – March

OSNP Southwest celebrates our local Great Big Crunch in the Fall to align with the local apple harvest. Annually during Nutrition Month (March), Foodshare and the Coalition for Healthy School Food partner to host a Canada wide Crunch! Activities are held via zoom with classrooms across Canada.

The 2024 Great Big Crunch is Thursday March 7th, zoom from 1-1:30 EST

To participate, join here:

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