About OSNP Programs

Program Requirements

Nutritious Foods

Ensure a veg/fruit is offered with every snack or meal

Always refer to the MCCSS nutrition guidelines when purchasing food items for your program. Look for foods that are:

  • Minimally processed
  • A good source of nutrients such as fiber, calcium, and iron
  • Low in sugar, sodium, and saturated fat


Each monthly report must be submitted by the 15th day of the following month

You are required to report on:

  • The number of days the program operates
  • The number of healthy snack/meals prepared that month (#students per day x #days)
  • The number of volunteers supporting your program (including staff members) and the total number of volunteer hours
  • Donated items and/or donated/fundraised/granted funds
  • Receipts of food purchased and served in your Student Nutrition Program (SNP)

Refer to Appendix A under the Resources tab or in your Program Binder for step by step directions for completing your monthly reports, as well as the FAQ for further information

Food Safety

Ensure at least one member of your team has completed the Food Handlers Certification

  • Ensure Food Handlers Certification practices are followed when serving food in your SNP
  • Keep track of the year the Certification was completed, as renewal is required every 5 years
  • Food Handlers Certification is available through Ontario Public Health Units.
    As well, a list of Ministry of Health
    approved providers can be found here


Aim to fund raise 15% of your total grant allocation to sustain a vibrant program

As outlined in your OSNP Contract, your school is required to generate revenue in support of your SNP. OSNP grant funding is seed funding for your program, and is approximately enough to sustain one food group throughout the school year. This means that fundraising is required to supplement the program in order to meet requirements of serving two (snack) or three (meal) food groups.

If your Student Nutrition Program is not supplemented with raised funds, it is not possible to operate at full capacity as required
by OSNP and MCCSS.

Refer to Appendix B under the Resources tab or in your Program Binder for a Fundraising Ideas resource

Program Options


  • 1 Vegetable or Fruit
  • 1 other food group (whole grain or protein)



  • 1 Vegetable or Fruit
  • 1 Protein
  • 1 Whole Grain

Traditional Grant

Schools receive grant funds to support their SNP.

School Coordinators and/or volunteers will purchase all food items for their program.


School Food Delivery

Schools receive weekly deliveries of 2 fresh veg/fruit items to be served in their program.

Food products are received in place of grant funds. School Coordinators and/or volunteers will purchase protein and/or whole grain items for their program.

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