Nutrition Month

March is Nutrition Month!

National Nutrition Month is celebrated across Canada in March. Nutrition Month is a time to celebrate the role nutrition plays in fuelling our bodies. Think about the nourishing and fulfilling foods that allow us to be ready to move and learn!

Celebrate with us!

Below are some suggestions for celebrating nutrition month:

  • Learn about where our food comes from with a food fact sheet
  • Spark some creativity with a colouring contest (English) (French)
  • Introduce a food journal (English) (French)
  • Get your school together for a ‘snack & lap’ wellness walk
  • Participate in the National Great Big Crunch on March 7
  • Participate in the Great Gulp on World Water Day, March 22
  • Talk about the 4 senses of food: looks, smell, texture, and taste
  • Send a testimonial in to your Community Development Coordinator
  • Share nutrition month with your school community on social media
  • Find more ideas from the Dieticians of Canada
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