Program Models

Breakfast and Morning Meal Programs

Breakfast Programs are serving thousands of children across the province to ensure that they attend school well nourished and ready to learn. Students attend programs for any number of reasons including:

  • Early morning sport routines.
  • Students who get ready on their own in the morning.
  • Students whose parents are working shift work.
  • Students that prefer to eat breakfast with their peers.

All programs are universal (open to all students).

Different models of Breakfast Programs are:

  • Traditional program- Volunteers prepare a nutritious breakfast with food choices from a minimum of 3 food groups. These programs can offer hot or cold breakfast and operate out of cafeterias, libraries, classrooms and school gymnasiums.
  • Grab and Go model – brown bagged meals are prepackaged for those schools that cannot offer a sit down model.

Healthy Snack Programs

Healthy Snack programs are a wonderful way to get students crunching and munching on all sorts of healthy foods!

These programs always provide at least one serving of fruits or vegetables. Various delivery models include:

  • A program where volunteers prepare snacks and deliver them to each classroom.
  • A drop-in room where students pick-up snacks. 
  • Snack bins in each classroom.

Lunch Programs

Most elementary schools in Ontario do not have hot lunch programs or cafeteria facilities. For this reason, lunch programs are not our primary focus at this time but we do provide grant funds to support a small number of lunch programs.

Models of lunch programs include:

  • A subsidized lunch program that run in conjunction with cafeteria providers.
  • An independently run lunch program for students.
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