Wrightland Farm is owned and operated by Keith and Susan Wright. Keith is the 5th generation of farmers and their son, David (6th generation), is also taking an active role on the farm.  Keith and his family have been growing asparagus for many years on Wrightland Farm located South East of Harrow, Ontario.

With Wrightland Farm’s sandy soils and proximity to Lake Erie, it provides them with a good micro-climate for growing fruits and vegetables. Due to their location in Southwest Ontario, Wrightland is usually one of the first farms to have asparagus in Ontario.

Asparagus retail sales can be found at their packing barn and is available for retail from approximately May 1 to mid-June.  They also supply wholesale markets locally and to Toronto and Quebec as well.  They also grow cabbage, cantaloupe melons and apples, which are grown for the wholesale markets only.

Come pick up some asparagus at Wrightland Farm’s packing barn between May and mid-June!

Monday – Saturday 8 am – 5 pm
Phone: 519.738.6120

Learn about how asparagus is harvested in Ontario below: 

Fun Facts:

  • Asparagus is an edible member of the Lily family (Liliaceae) and originates from the East Mediterranean coast.
  • Asparagus can survive extremes of temperature to produce tender shoots each spring.
  • Asparagus is a rich source of folic acid, pro-vitamin A, vitamin C and iron. 


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