Food Literacy Toolkit

Welcome to the Food Literacy Toolkit, created in collaboration with Dietitians in Public Health. This toolkit will act as a road map for connecting learning to your SNP!

Student Nutrition Programs (SNP) aim to make nutrient rich foods available to all students, with a focus on fresh vegetables and fruits. The combination of the availability of fresh produce and knowledge about why these items are part of a balanced diet is important to making healthy choices.

Food Literacy is:

  • Knowing about food
  • Having food skills
  • Feeling confident about food when choosing, preparing and eating
  • Making food decisions
  • Strongest when you have a supportive food environment, food system, living situation and culture and traditions!

Foodland Ontario’s Produce Availability Guide can be found here and referenced each week!


Food Fact Sheet

Jokes/ Riddles


Week 1:

Where do cucumbers go for a date? 
Answer: The salad bar!

How do cucumbers become pickles?
Answer: They go through a ‘jarring’ experience

Video: Cucumbers: How do they grow? (7.45 min)

Foodland Ontario: Cucumbers

Week 2:

What did the Papa tomato say to the Baby tomato?
Answer: Hurry and Ketchup!

What is a tomato’s favourite kind of dance?
Answer: the salsa!

Video: Leamington Greenhouse Tomatoes (3.04 min)

Foodland Ontario: Tomatoes

ODPH Paint Your Plate: Tomatoes

Week 3:

How do you wake up a sleeping pepper?
Answer: You ring its ‘bell’!

What do you call a pizza with only peppers on it?
Answer: a pepper-only pizza!

Video: Growing Bell Peppers (1.53 min)

Recipe: Roasted Red Pepper Hummus (page 7)

Foodland Ontario: Peppers

ODPH Paint Your Plate: Peppers

Week 4:

I am a fruit who sounds like there might be two of me, at Christmas time partridge birds sit in me. What am I?

Video: USA Pears (2.18 min)

Foodland Ontario: Pears

Week 5:

When is an apple grouchy?
Answer: When its a crab apple!

What kind of apple isn’t an apple?
Answer: a pineapple

What do you call two apples next to each other?
Answer: a pear

Video: The Ontario Apple Industry at a Glance (3.14 min)

The Coalition for Healthy School Food Great Big Crunch Toolkit

Recipe: Apple Bar (page 23)

Foodland Ontario: Apples

ODPH Paint Your Plate: Apples

Week 6:

What do you call a dinosaur who only eats kale, broccoli, and cauliflower?
Answer: A cruciferous rex!

What kind of flower should never be put in a vase
Answer: a cauliflower!

Week 7:

What do you get when you cross a broccoli with a vampire?
Answer: Count Broccula!

Week 8:

What did the lettuce say to the celery when the celery got engaged?
Answer: ‘Lettuce Celery-brate’!

Video: Celery: How its Grown (1 min)

The Juicy Story on Drinks

Foodland Ontario: Celery

Week 9:
Red Grapes

I’m round but I’m not a ball, I’m fruit but I’m not a grapefruit, I can be seedless but I’m not an orange, I can be red or green but I’m not an apple, I come in a bunch but I’m not a banana. What am I?

Video: Grapes are Superheroes and How to Grow Grapes (39 sec, and 1.43 min)

Foodland Ontario: Grapes

ODPH Paint your Plate: Grapes

Week 10:
Sugar Snap Peas

What do vegetables wish for more than anything else in the whole world?
Answer: Peas (peace) on earth

Video: Cooking Sugar Snap Peas (2.10 min)

ODPH Paint your Plate: Fresh and Raw Veggies to Crunch

Week 11:

I’m sometimes a baby but I don’t cry, I can be a type of cake but I’m not chocolate, I’m a vegetable but I’m not broccoli, I can be peeled but I’m not a potato, I’m orange but I’m not an orange, I’m found on a snowman but I’m not a scarf. What am I?

Video: Crop Origin Stories: Carrots (2.35 min)

Recipe: Zucchini Carrot Muffins (page 17)

Foodland Ontario: Carrots

ODPH Paint your Plate: Carrots

Week 12:

I grow on trees but am not a leaf, I’m spherical but am not a soccer ball, I provide juice but am not an apple, I’m sometimes naval but am not a sailor, I’m coloured but am not read. What am I?

Week 13:

I have hard skin but I’m not a rhinoceros, I’m sometimes cut into rings but I’m not a tree, I’m yellow on the inside but I’m not a mango, I’m a fruit but I’m not a banana, I’m a topping on a Hawaiian pizza but I’m not ham. What am I?

Video: Growing Pineapples (4.38 min)

ODPH Paint your Plate: Pineapple

Week 14:

I am a fruit that you might eat at lunch, when there is a group of me we are known as a bunch. What am I?

Video: How do Bananas Grow? (3.34 min)

Balanced Breakfast for Kids

ODPH Paint your Plate: Bananas

Week 15:

I can be decorated but I’m not a house, I can be boiled but I’m not a kettle, I have a shell but I’m not a crab, I can be cracked but I’m not a joke, I come from a chicken but I’m not a nugget. What am I?

Week 16:

There was a green house and inside the green house there was a white house, inside the white house there was a red house, inside the red house there were lots of seeds. What am I?

Video: How Watermelons Grow in Canada (1.32 min)

Recipe: Fruit Salad (page 9)

Week 17:
Whole Grains

I normally grow in fields, i’m a grain from what I hear. I can be eaten piece by piece, or straight from a long ear. What am I?

Week 18:

Q:Which fruit wears a tutu? A: The Sugar Plum Fairy!

Week 19:

Q: What do you call a sad strawberry? A: A blueberry

Video: Ontario Strawberries (2.48 min)

Foodland Ontario: Strawberries

Week 20:

Q: What did mama cow say to baby cow? A: It’s pasture bedtime

Q: How do you make a milkshake? A: Give a cow a pogo stick!

Video: How 100% Canadian Milk Gets From Farm to Table (3.30 min)

Dairy Famers of Canada’s Registered Dietitians: Activity

Week 21:

Q: What does cheese say to itself in the mirror? A: Looking Gouda!

Week 22:

Q. What do you call it when a group of blueberries play jazz music?A. A jam session.

Q: How do you make a blueberry shake?A: Put it in the freezer.

Week 25:

Q: What is a poet’s favorite legume?

A: Rhyma-beans!

Week 26:
Hand Washing

Video: Hand Washing Heroes

How to Wash Hands with Soap and Water: English, French

Week 27:
Washing Fruit and Veggies

Week 28:

Q: How can you tell that the ocean is friendly? A: It waves

Q: What runs, but never walks? A: Water

Week 29:
Growing Vegetables

Q: What kind of beans never grow in the garden? A: Jelly beans!

Q: How excited was the gardener about spring?A: So excited he wet his plants!

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